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2 Rajasthani films to hit theatres soon

CD of Rajasthani movie, Mati ka Lal Meena Gurjar, being released at Film Bhawan

Radheshyam Tewari

Two more Rajasthani films, after Mati ka lal Meena Gurjar, have been completed and are ready to be released soon. Film producer Nitin Joshi and Lukhvihder Singh, film director shared their enthusi-asm at a press conference on the occasion of releasing the CD of the films.
After its success in differ-ent districts, the team mem-bers were felicitated recently. "During the last 15 years, Rajasthani cinema is on the path of recovery. It is time the public and the government are made aware of the importance of regional cine-ma." sequel to Mati ka Lal Meena Gurjar will be released this year," said lead actor Silcander Abbas.
(source : hIndustantimes)

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